For Butler’s Choice a socially responsible and an environmentally friendly product is an absolute prerequisite for a quality product. And it has been our basic philosophy from the start. Butler’s Choice is authorized to trade with sustainable seafood and fish products from MSC*- og ASC**-certified fisheries.

MSC* = Marine Stewardship Council.

ASC** = Aquaculture Stewardship Council


The UN Global Compact and The Sustainable Development Goals

Butler’s Choice has since 2007 been aligned with the UN Global Compact, the world’s largest initiative for corporate social responsibility. The Global Compact includes 10 principles for sustainability within workers’ and human rights, environment and anti-corruption.

In 2009, Butler’s Choice was one of 10 selected business cases in an inspirational booklet on how SMEs in practice work with the Global Compact. The booklet was published by the Foreign Ministry and the UN Development Programme (UNDP).

Global Compact report for 2018 (integrated in the Annual Report)
Global Compact report for 2017 (integrated in the Annual Report)
Global Compact report for 2016 (integrated in the Annual Report)
Global Compact report for 2015 (integrated in the Annual Report)
Global Compact report for 2014 (integrated in the Annual Report)
Global Compact report for 2013 (integrated in the Annual Report)

Butler’s Choice also contributes to the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). These goals are overall the most ambitious plan in the history of mankind. Among other things, we need to eradicate poverty and hunger, ensuring increased global equity and sustainable world economy. The new UN agenda means that all countries should take shared responsibility and prepare to produce, consume and act sustainably.

The UN Global Compact and The Sustainable Development Goals

Choice Foundation

Butler’s Choice has for many years worked to improve conditions for workers and their families in the supply chain by funding projects in health and education. Choice Foundation was established in 2010 as a formalization of Butler’s Choice’s CSR activities in poor provinces in Vietnam. Choice Foundation ensures better living conditions for workers and their families in the global supply chain in accordance with the UN Declaration of Human Rights. The Foundation has a special focus on access to healthcare and education, which are important first steps out of poverty.

Choice Foundation has established a number of projects that address social challenges in the value chain, with special focus on vulnerable children, in collaboration with several partners including some of Butler’s Choice’s customers from the retail trade. The goal is to make improvements for the people who produce the food that we consume. Read more about the fund’s activities at,


Selected by Confederation of Danish Industry to exhibit at Women Deliver 2016

From 16-19 May 2016 an international conference will bring together thousands of people to the Bella Center in Copenhagen to focus on women’s health and rights worldwide. It happens to be the international conference Women Deliver 2016, held for the fourth time and this year on Danish soil. Confederation of Danish Industry is behind a large photo exhibition that will portray eight Danish companies which work to promote women’s rights, education and health around the world. Butler’s Choice’s work in the area and the activities of Choice Foundation is represented as one of the eight selected exhibitors. The exhibition will be held in Bella Center during the conference and then go on a tour of Denmark. This includes: Billund Airport, Aalborg Airport, the Concert Hall in Esbjerg, Fredericia Exhibition Center, Concert Hall Alsion in Sønderborg, Lundsgaard Gods and Confederation of Danish Industry in Copenhagen.