Clean prawns from Vietnam

Clean prawns from Vietnam

On the social media appears this video from Vietnam, we see a “jelly” illegally injected into the dead prawns to increase their weight. Butler’s Choice buys prawns from Vietnam, and has followed this issue closely and with concern.

This is a new illegal phenomenon to increase earnings. The injection is done by an intermediary who buys prawns from farms and sells to factories. We have been informed that the man who appears in this video has been arrested.

Butler’s Choice has since 1999 had its own office in Vietnam, where we have four marine biologists employed as quality controllers. They follow the prawns all the way from farm to factory, where they check the quality before, during and after processing. Furthermore we boil test on all LOT-No. to be 100 per cent sure that nothing has been added to our prawns. For Butler’s Choice is a socially responsible and an environmentally friendly product – combined with good taste – a prerequisite for a quality product. And it has been the basic philosophy entirely from Butler’s Choice starting in 1997.

Butler’s Choice was established with a desire to increase the quality and accountability within the seafood category in supermarkets. Therefore, today we have one of the industry’s most well-documented accountability policies for purchasing seafood. Our own employees in Vietnam ensure the highest standards in our products, and our Code of Conduct as well as ISO 14001 and SA 8000 certifications ensure a socially and environmentally correct production.

For questions or comments, please contact Jacob Stokkebye, CEO, Butler’s Choice,, mob. 2811 1316.