Quality is more than certification

Butler’s Choice was established 20 years ago with a desire to increase the quality and accountability of seafood in the Danish supermarkets. Therefore, today we have one of the industry’s most well-documented accountability policies for purchasing seafood. In addition, we make independent certification agency inspections, as well as unannounced inspections at the prawn factories. In addition, Butler’s Choice is authorized to negotiate fish and fish products from ASC*- and MSC**-certified fisheries. Butler’s Choice sell MSC-certified mussel and scallops from respectively Rømø and the Faroe Islands, as well as ASC-certified shrimps from, among others Vietnam.

But the quality is all – for us at Butler’s Choice, far more than the certification. We carefully select our suppliers, often family owned businesses, where we emphasize on building personal and long-lasting relationships. We believe this provides the best conditions for success. So we are not only sure of the quality, cost and sustainability, but also continuously develop product taste ranges and new flavours that meet the retailers’, and ultimately consumers’, needs.


Our staff ensures quality 

Butler’s Choice leads through enhanced quality control in seafood and by being on the spot – during the entire process from water to table – we always provide a uniform and high quality in our products. To assure this we have our own representative office in India with well-trained employees for quality assurance throughout the process from catch to processing and on to packing and shipping, who are the guarantors that food safety is in order.

At our headquarters in Kerteminde we work in harmony with the above principles. Here are our team members responsible for quality assurance of our other products such as our Italian bread and ice cream.

*ASC = Aquaculture Stewardship Council
**MSC = Marine Stewardship Council