Better taste with a clear conscience

In Butler’s Choice, we have a long tradition and large expertise within seafood of high quality. We offer a.o. octopus from Morocco, Danish squid, scallops from Greenland and Faroe Island, warm water prawns, cold water prawns, Norway lobsters from Denmark and Northern Norway.

Within warm water prawns, Butler’s Choice has many years of experience with trading of shrimps from small local family farms in mangrove areas. Family farmers catch small amounts of Black Tiger prawns in their hand traps. The shrimps grow in a natural environment without the use of antibiotics and feed and will therefore have a better flavor and texture.

We follow the prawns on their journey 

Butler’s Choices specialists follow the small family farms and working conditions closely. They collect raw materials in trace batches and ensure a transparent and stable supply chain for our customers of these very special prawns.


At Butler’s Choice, we are always present from the mangroves and into the factories. We are on hand to give advice on the different processes and ensure that the agreed specifications are met to our customers’ satisfaction. We are proud to contribute to the improvement of the conditions of farmers and factory workers in our production.

Our Black Tiger and Vannamei prawns come with unique product documentation on the packaging, and documenting accountability.