Ice cream and desserts

Ice cream and desserts

Italian gelato, Danish organic ice cream or French macarons

Our selection of ice cream and desserts contain only the best! Italian ice cream made according to family recipes with local produce, just as it is served in an Italian Gelateria. Danish organic ice cream of fresh Jersey milk and cream. We offer also delicate French macarons, delicious brunch pancakes and beautiful Spanish churros.


Quality, tradition, craftsmanship and the best ingredients

Many of our manufacturers are family owned. Where you work with quality, tradition, craftsmanship and the best ingredients. Our Italian ices from Bologna and Sicily are produced from the original Italian recipes, which ensure excellent taste. The ice cream is produced in a good environment, both in relation to nature as well as the working conditions. In Denmark, we work with a small family dairy store, which makes organic ice cream from fresh Jersey milk and cream without use of additives.

We are constantly developing new and exciting product tastes and desserts in close cooperation with our customers. Our lightweight packaging is ideal in terms of transport and ensures a very smooth and slow melting of ice – so the quality is maintained. We strive to have the most delicious ice cream and desserts for the right price.