Here you can purchase our delicious products and delicacies

Butler’s Choice sells its delicious products and delicacies in a number of European countries. Here you can see which supermarkets in Denmark sell our products. 


Garlic marinated prawns, suitable for the grill or oven, can be purchased in REMA1000 and Netto on offer. In Butler’s Choice’s own brand name.  Our scallops from Greenland can be purchased in IRMA, on frost. Delicious Danish trout roe are also sold on offer in REMA1000.

Ice cream

Our Krølle-Bølle ice cream is both organic and Fairtrade-certified. It is made of Danish organic fresh Jersey milk and cream – without additives – and can be purchased on offer in REMA1000. In 2018, we launched a new range of ice cream for children in REMA1000. There are four delicious variants: 1) Smurf Spinning Top: Ice cream with marshmallow taste and bubble gum sauce, chewing gum in the bottom; 2) Smurf Happy Face: Vanilla ice cream and ice cream with marshmallow taste og 3) Dinosaur Spinning Top: Ice cream with bubble gum taste and raspberry sauce sauce, chewing gum in the bottom, and 4) Smurf ice cream cone: ice cream with marshmallow taste in a cone and with sprinkles.