Butler’s Choice part of the World’s Best News

Butler’s Choice part of the World’s Best News

Butler’s Choice is again this year to bring the World’s Best News to the Danes. We are for a fifth year in a row very proud to be part of this initiative. The World’s Best News communicates progress and solutions to the world’s challenges – primarily focusing on developing countries. Behind the World’s Best News are the UN, Danida, as well as 100 development organizations and 100 companies.

On Friday, September 9, there was the annual breakfast event where thousands of volunteers across the country distributed the World’s Best News newspaper and a free Rynkeby juice with  Global Goals.

This year, the World’s Best News focus is on the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The SDGs are a blueprint for how our planet should look like in 2030: We must put an end to poverty and hunger everywhere, reduce inequality and combat climate change. We must all – in short – try to live a good life now, but, also leave the world in a good condition to our children. Global Goals will apply to all countries – both poor and rich countries.

Butler’s Choice supports the SDG’s in different ways. At Butler’s Choice we support among others: Goal 5 gender equality, Goal 8 decent work and economic growth, Goal 12 responsible consumption and production, and Goal 14 Life below water.

Our fund Choice Foundation contributes through school and health projects in Vietnam to achieving the following Global Goals: Goal 3 good health and well-being, Goal 4 quality education, Goal 5 gender equality, Goal 6 clean water and sanitation.

For questions or comments, please contact Helle Stokkebye Johansen, CSR & Communication Manager, Butler’s Choice, phone 2051 7730, hj@butlers-choice.com