Bornholm’s first Krølle-Bølle ice-cream parlour opens in Ekkodalen

Bornholm’s first Krølle-Bølle ice-cream parlour opens in Ekkodalen

Ekkodalshuset is the first ice-cream kiosk on Bornholm, which is a dedicated Krølle-Bølle ice-cream parlour– and more are on their way. The goal is to establish up to 15 more Krølle-Bølle ice-cream parlours throughout Bornholm.

The mischievous little Bornholm troll, Krølle-Bølle has been a well-known name for some time, and many of us correlate Krølle-Bølle with gorgeous summers on the sunshine island with a regular visit to the local ice-cream parlour. The ice cream was re-launched in June 2017 with the normal, high, organic quality of Butler’s Choice. It is made of fresh Danish jersey milk and jersey cream – with no additives – at the small family-owned ice-cream parlour, Skee ice cream in Zealand, as it was not possible to produce it on Bornholm itself. The ice cream is sold in five delicious flavours: Strawberry, Chocolate, Elderflower, Blueberry and Vanilla.

“To revive Krølle-Bølle ice-cream kiosks on Bornholm, with so many of my own personal and wonderful, summer memories of Bornholm, this was just a natural next step for us. Our ambition is to set up 10-15 ice-cream parlours with this delicious Bornholm classic, and have them placed all around Denmark’s most beautiful, sun filled island – just like in the 1950’s.  We are especially pleased that the Ekkodalshuset, which was originally an old tractor site, became the first Krølle-Bølle ice-cream kiosk, and if there are other ice-cream kiosks on Bornholm, who would also like to be a genuine Krølle-Bølle ice-cream parlour, I would very much like to hear from them, “says Jacob Stokkebye, owner of Butler’s Choice.

“In our five years, as owners of Ekkodalshuset, we have experienced guests who have frequently requested Krølle-Bølle ice-cream and so it was therefore a natural progression to become the first Krølle-Bølle ice-cream kiosk on the sunshine island, thus helping to revive the story – with this good quality ice-cream for children and adults, “says the owner of the Ekkodalshuset Christian Froberg Dahl, who would also like to see more kiosks collaborating.

Enjoy the good taste with a good conscience
Krølle-Bølle ice-cream; in addition to being organic, is also Fairtrade branded.  Ingredients such as: cocoa and vanilla are grown by farmers and workers in some of the world’s poorest countries, so when you buy goods with the Fairtrade brand you help ensure that they get a fairer deal and have better working conditions. In addition, environmental protection is a central part of Fairtrade.

Krølle-Bølle Ice-cream parlour will open on Thursday the 12thof April at 10 am. 

For further information, please contact Jacob Stokkebye, owner of Butler’s Choice on mobile 2811 1316 or Christian Froberg, owner of Ekkodalshuset on mobile 5687 0060.