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About Us

Purchase gabapentin online, Buy neurontin from india viagra

Purchase gabapentin online, Buy neurontin from india viagra

Butler’s Choice is a trading company with focus on seafood, ice cream and bread of high quality and a strong partner for our retail customers. We have a portfolio of quality products and specialize in the development of new product ideas and successful food concepts. Together with our unique network of international manufacturers, we ensure a wide range of delicacies from around the world. Our products within the various categories are characterized by high quality, craftsmanship and innovation.

Sustainability is a prerequisite for a quality product

For Butler’s Choice a socially responsible and an environmentally friendly product – combined with good taste – is an absolute prerequisite for a quality product. And it has been our basic philosophy from the start. Butler’s Choice was established in 1997 with the import of seafood and a desire to increase the quality and accountability within this sector in supermarkets. Therefore, today we have one of the industry’s most well-documented corporate responsibility policies for purchasing seafood. Our own employees in Denmark and India ensure the highest standard in Butler’s Choices products and our Code of Conduct as well as MSC- and ASC-certifications guarantee a socially and environmentally correct production.

The Board

Butler’s Choice is working to become an even stronger partner for our customers in the retail trade and among Denmark’s best restaurants. Together with our unique network of international manufacturers we want to expand our portfolio of quality products and delicacies from around the world. And we will develop and launch even more new product ideas and successful food concepts. It requires a professional board that can act as an experienced partner for Butler’s Choice visionary leadership.

The Board consists of external members selected by the following criteria:

  • Background in our core areas
  • Competence development of the company
  • Relevant work experience



From left in the photo:

  • Member, CEO, Butler’s Choice A/S, Jacob Stokkebye
  • Member, Director, HCL 2004 A/S, Hans Clausen
  • Member, CEO, KiMs A/S, Kim Munk
  • Chairman, CFO, 3C RETAIL A/S, Heine Christiansen




Butler’s Choice A/S
Nordre Havnekaj 35
DK-3500 Kerteminde

+45 65 32 51 81


Rep. Office of
Butler’s Choice International ApS
Spreevalsom, 18/309 A, Binny Road
Palluruthy, Kochi-682006,
Kerala, India